New Year, Vodka Margaritas?

This could be the start... of something new! (cue Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez) It's finally here; 2017 has come to a close. Now for most average human beings out there, you'd probably say that 2017 was a pretty crappy year for... you know... our world. But, #NotMyPresident jokes aside, 2017 was a year that… Continue reading New Year, Vodka Margaritas?


Textbooks 101

You thought high school textbooks were pointless, didn't you? Then you obviously haven't experienced college yet. College textbooks are probably the most heart-wrenching and stomach-turning purchase of each school year. Students spend upwards of $400 each semester on a few measly chunks of paper. But if you're reading this, it's not too late. (Drake wouldn't… Continue reading Textbooks 101

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Dorm Sweet Dorm: Decorating on a Budget

Hey friends! It's a Monday afternoon and after a much needed nap, I am sitting in my newly decorated living room, binge watching Criminal Minds to get my daily dose of Derek Morgan while scrolling through Pinterest and I realized that the majority of the boujee decor that I pin are easily found at affordable… Continue reading Dorm Sweet Dorm: Decorating on a Budget


Dorm Sweet Dorm: Part 1, Getting Started

Happy July kids! Summer is about halfway over now, (don't shoot the messenger!!) and if you're going off to college in August, it's time to start thinking about moving out of Mom & Dad's place and into the magical world of college dormitories. Living in a dorm will probably brew a love/hate relationship in your… Continue reading Dorm Sweet Dorm: Part 1, Getting Started