Dorm Sweet Dorm: College Advice For First Timers

Happy August! 

Summer flew by almost as fast as the last two years of my life…

Two years ago, I was in the same boat as most of you. I had never moved away from my parents, I was going to a new school where I only knew a small number of people, and I was going to start a huge new chapter of my life: College.

Okay, let’s be real… College is all fun and games until you screw something up. Which happens. All. The. Time. To prevent all of you lovely youngsters from making some of the mistakes that either I made my freshman year, or ones that I’ve noticed a lot of other people make, I’ve prepared this list of things that I wish I’d known before heading off to the land of student loans and weekly mental breakdowns.

Relax… you’ll be fine… it’s fine… we’re fine…

  1. Don’t pack your entire life.
  2. If you live within an hour from home, LEAVE OUT OF SEASON CLOTHES THERE.
  3. If you forgot something, don’t panic… there’s a thing called UPS.
  4. Don’t feel the need to change who you are to make friends.
  5. However, change is good and don’t be afraid of it.
  6. Make friends!
  7. Don’t lock yourself in your room all year, go out and socialize.
  8. Get involved: join a club, get a campus job, find something that interests you.
  9. Go to as many university/school events as possible.
  11. Leave room in your closet for free T-shirts… you’ll collect so many within the year.
  12. You don’t have to party to have fun.
  13. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor. Watch it.
  14. Always take Uber/Lyft in a group, never alone.
  15. FIND A DD; most frat parties have designated pledges that are DD’s, ask around.
  16. Get a good laptop that is light and small enough to take to class: faster notes and split screen so you can scroll through Twitter at the same time.
  17. GO TO CLASS. If you have to skip, limit to skipping one class a week. (not the same class every week)
  18. If you’re not a morning person, don’t pick 8 a.m.’s.
  19. If you like to socialize at night, don’t take night classes.
  20. Use your common sense.
  21. Eating in the cafeteria or taking the bus is not “lame”.. this isn’t high school anymore.
  22. If you still have friends in high school, you will grow out of them.
  23. Take part in your school’s traditions. UNT: Mean Green Fridays, every Friday, we wear green.
  24. Don’t waste all your money on food at the retail shops if you have a meal plan. They’re way more expensive and you’re paying for the cafeteria.
  25. Starbucks every morning gets EXPENSIVE.
  26. Don’t show up late to class with food.
  27. Don’t be THAT GUY who eats a burger/other strong smelling food in class.
  28. Get at least one person’s phone number or email in each class, study buddies!
  29. Don’t be afraid to go to the library alone.
  30. Listen to your gut feelings about people.
  31. Just because you wouldn’t have been friends with someone in high school, doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with them now… branch out, open your mind.
  32. ^^ OPEN YOUR MIND. College is full of people from everywhere, odds are, you’ll see something you’ve never seen.
  33. Get a job. Stop relying on mommy and daddy for money. Be an adult. You will have time.
  34. You don’t have to study a million hours a day.
  35. Set aside time for yourself. Even if you have to take a drive alone.
  36. TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH: Mental, Physical, Emotional and Intestinal??
  37. DO. NOT. BUY. TEXTBOOKS. FULL. PRICE. OR. NEW. You’re screwing yourself. (I’ll make another post on where to get textbooks for cheap!)
  38. Learn Ctrl/Command + F (will save your life for online exams)
  39. Quizlet is your friend for studying and “doing better” on online exams. 😉
  40. Don’t do laundry on weekends.
  41. Set up a schedule for your chores/life happenings. Do the same routine every week.
  42. Don’t be scared of going to professor’s office hours. They’re here to help.
  43. Don’t slack off  just because you’re a freshman. It’s the hardest year to bounce back from.
  44. If you have friends from high school in college with you, don’t feel obligated to remain friends with them.
  45. You will change exponentially from the first day of freshman year to the last day, just watch.
  46. Don’t dress up for class. It’s not necessary and no one cares if you look a mess. We get it.
  47. However, college is not an excuse for year-round pajama days.
  48. Bombing an exam is VERY common. Don’t give up.
  49. Take advantage of ALL EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENTS. Even if you have an A in the class.
  50. Always talk to professors about your specific grades either after class (if they’re not bombarded by people) or during office hours.
  51. Ask your professor after class if you could come by during their office hours to talk about grades; they’ll take that as a sign of respect for their time.
  52. Time management. Time management. TIME MANAGEMENT.
  53. If your school is close to home, avoid going home except when necessary.
  54. You have to give adulthood a try.
  55. Mom and Dad are a phone call away, so make sure to call/text once a week.
  56. Take lots of pictures. You’ll want to remember these years.
  57. Respect yourself and others.
  58. Chill out on the pizza and fast food, Freshman 15 is real. Freshman 35 is also real.
  59. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Upperclassmen have been there, done that. Ask for help.
  60. Take pride in what you’re studying and don’t let anyone else change your mind.


College is difficult. You will experience a mass amount of changes, in every aspect of your life. Don’t be scared. Every other freshman is on the same exact level as you are.

Get excited!

Just remember,

“There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.” 

One step at a time. *cue Jordin Sparks*


Grab as much espresso as you can, put on your big girl/boy pants and get it together.

See y’all soon…fish. (Also people in college won’t call you dumb freshman nicknames.. I mean half of you look 35 anyway.)

Much love and happy days, 




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