Get To Know Me

Hey friends!

If you didn’t know, my name is Sarah and I am a journalism major at The University of North Texas. As I am about to begin my Junior year, (scary, I know right) I realized I have no idea what I want to do with this journalism degree besides eventually teaching our youth how to use the proper your/you’re. I decided I should start up a blog that involves everything I love, and do what I do best; thinking I know everything!

I absolutely adore writing and giving advice to anyone who will listen! As a twenty year old, I finally feel like I fit my age. I never thought of myself as the classic “teenager” who did “teenage” things, but twenty feels ~real~ good. Now I know I’m probably not the wisest girl you’ve ever met and I probably haven’t experienced EVERYTHING, but I’d say, I’ve pretty much seen/heard it all, so don’t be shy!

If you have anything you’d like to ask me, anonymous or not, feel free to head over to the “Submit” page, and ask away! I’d love to get some ideas of the kind of content to fill this blog with.

As for content,

Beauty tips and tricks have always been something that I really enjoy practicing, learning and teaching to others. I also am a freelance photographer, so definitely look out for some tips on how to take good photos! I’m also a proud plus-sized “fashionista” (in the most relaxed definition of the word) and want to get more into fashion tips/tricks/rants for the every day woman. And last but definitely not least, I am a full time college student so I have pretty much learned almost all the tricks for getting there and through the best four years of your life, (if you thought you loved high school, just wait).

If you’re still reading this unnecessarily long introduction, I thank you.

Get used to my tangents and lack of caffeinated writings.

Much love,