New Year, Vodka Margaritas?

This could be the start... of something new! (cue Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez) It's finally here; 2017 has come to a close. Now for most average human beings out there, you'd probably say that 2017 was a pretty crappy year for... you know... our world. But, #NotMyPresident jokes aside, 2017 was a year that… Continue reading New Year, Vodka Margaritas?

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Dorm Sweet Dorm: Decorating on a Budget

Hey friends! It's a Monday afternoon and after a much needed nap, I am sitting in my newly decorated living room, binge watching Criminal Minds to get my daily dose of Derek Morgan while scrolling through Pinterest and I realized that the majority of the boujee decor that I pin are easily found at affordable… Continue reading Dorm Sweet Dorm: Decorating on a Budget